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Commercial & Product Photography

Commercial Photographer Edmonton

At Box Cube Studios, we strive to create images for our clients that tell a story. Be it a story about your products, your values or your employees! By working directly with you, we focus on creating images that use the power of composition, lighting, and editing to deliver a specific message to your audience and compel them to take action.

Given that commercial photography encompasses a wide variety of services and products, we tailor the experience for you and your business to ensure we create images that are suited to your needs. We have divided up commercial photography in several different areas below so you can see what applies best to you and your business.

Take a peek inside our Foody World


Do you own a restaurant that creates amazing pieces of food? Let us photograph it for you so you can use the delicious images for your website, social media and menus! 



They say a photography says a thousand words. What thousand words would you like your products to say to your potential clients? We will work with you to create images that deliver the right message to your potential clients and drive your sales. 


In this digital day and age, everyone needs a headshot. A good business portrait can make you stand out from the crowd but an exceptional one will leave an impression.

Your headshot needs to tell the world your story and your vision. Are you the entrepreneur whose idea will change the world? Are you the CEO who will be leading a conference? Or are you the actor hoping to find the right role that will make it for you!

Let Box Cube Studios craft epic portraits for you that will make you standout!


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